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Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis


Adaptation Draft 2

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I am very far into my adaptation. It is a 12 page murder mystery short story that I wrote, and I added in many references that I explain on the last page. There is not much else to say, I don’t want to spoil any of it something.

Adaptation Draft 1

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Adaptation Draft 1

My current plan for this adaptation is to write something (mode). The genre of the paper will be a short story to tie in with my argumentative essay. My purpose is to show how much thought and critical thinking goes into creative writing compared to the current standard essay. My audience for this would be the school system, mostly the state board of education. I have written out a two page outline in my notebook of how the story might go but I hate it. My current story is of a person in high school who is beginning to start the onslaught on 5 paragraph essays that his/her school throws at them in preparation for the 10th grade writing test. It would go on to how they resented it and they send a letter to the school board that for some reason gets noticed. That is not my writing style nor my genre at all. Everything I have ever written has been far more fictional and fast paced. I thought about just writing something new that came to my mind and then using it as an example of how much more thought is put into short stories than the 5 paragraph crapsay.

Inquiry-Based Argumentative Paper, Draft 2

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My rhetorical situation in this paper is the lack thereof creative writing being taught in secondary education. Throughout my 4 years in high school, the only time I was ever asked to do creative writing was in my last year where I had to write the first paragraph of a detective novel. My exigence then becomes the fact that I want creative writing to be a part of high school English. Not only does it teach the basic essential skills that secondary education loves, but it is fun for students as well. Current critical thinking essays are dreadfully boring and taken as a joke after 10th grade (10th grade writing test). My rhetorical purpose to convince the state board of education that creative writing is worthy of being integrated into the core English curriculum. My audience is, as I stated before, the state board of education. They decide what is and what is not taught in North Carolina secondary education. I have to be able to influence them if any change will ever happen.

Draft2 John L

Inquiry-Based Argumentative Paper, draft 1

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Draft1 John L

I think I have a solid conclusion and good information within my body paragraphs. I got a terrible headache while writing this which normally means that I wasn’t really into it. Hopefully that doesn’t show too much though. I am aware that I still need to find more sources and I also need to find better and more relevant sources. Since this is the first draft, I did not try and make an amazing thesis statement. I just wanted one that I knew got my point across. I think my current thesis does that but it is very blunt and could be more eloquent and interesting. I feel like I could go into much more examples other than plot and character development if I need to. I felt the need to source the youtube video about character development that I posted earlier as that is where I got a chunk of my knowledge on how to go about learning it. I did not however source it. I also noticed that I did a fair amount of compare/contrast in my plot paragraph which I was not supposed to do in the assignment sheet so I guess I will revise that later on. Overall I think I am on the right track to finishing the paper and just need to tie together my argument a little more with better sources. I need to find something from the creator’s of the SAT.