Adaptation Draft 1



Adaptation Draft 1

My current plan for this adaptation is to write something (mode). The genre of the paper will be a short story to tie in with my argumentative essay. My purpose is to show how much thought and critical thinking goes into creative writing compared to the current standard essay. My audience for this would be the school system, mostly the state board of education. I have written out a two page outline in my notebook of how the story might go but I hate it. My current story is of a person in high school who is beginning to start the onslaught on 5 paragraph essays that his/her school throws at them in preparation for the 10th grade writing test. It would go on to how they resented it and they send a letter to the school board that for some reason gets noticed. That is not my writing style nor my genre at all. Everything I have ever written has been far more fictional and fast paced. I thought about just writing something new that came to my mind and then using it as an example of how much more thought is put into short stories than the 5 paragraph crapsay.


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