Inquiry-Based Argumentative Paper, Draft 2


My rhetorical situation in this paper is the lack thereof creative writing being taught in secondary education. Throughout my 4 years in high school, the only time I was ever asked to do creative writing was in my last year where I had to write the first paragraph of a detective novel. My exigence then becomes the fact that I want creative writing to be a part of high school English. Not only does it teach the basic essential skills that secondary education loves, but it is fun for students as well. Current critical thinking essays are dreadfully boring and taken as a joke after 10th grade (10th grade writing test). My rhetorical purpose to convince the state board of education that creative writing is worthy of being integrated into the core English curriculum. My audience is, as I stated before, the state board of education. They decide what is and what is not taught in North Carolina secondary education. I have to be able to influence them if any change will ever happen.

Draft2 John L


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