Inquiry Blog 5


Who I Interviewed:

Christopher Davis, M.F.A, Professor of English

Why did I interview him?

I interviewed him because he is involved in the creative writing CoP and I was hoping that he could answer questions that would in turn help me strengthen my own argument.

My Questions:

How did you get into creative writing?

Why did you start teaching creative writing?

How do you grade it?

Is all the content crammed into a single class?

How do you go about teaching it?

What Kind of tests do you give?

Whats your opinion on why creative writing isn’t more prominent in secondary education?

How would you fix this problem?

Should creative writing be an elective or a part of the core English class?


The interview was interesting even though my biggest question didn’t get an effective answer. He had an odd, to say the least, office space with provocative images on the wall which was distracting.  He focuses on poetry which I am not a huge fan of writing. Unfortunately he does not give any tests and his grading is done on effort and class participation. I got an interesting tale of how he became involved writing and the arts. He told me about what got him into teaching it and how he is where he is today. I did learn a bit more about why it is not taught in secondary education and how to bring it back, other than just finding ways to assess it. What I learned about my CoP is that it is very open ended. There are so many different kinds of creative writing and each one can have its own chain of courses dedicated to it. What I learned about my rhetorical situation is that there is a reason it still exists. It is very hard to solve the exigency of creative writing in high school. Finding a way to grade it without some kind of biased is very hard. English in general has also never been of the same equivalency of Math and Science in the eyes of secondary education. Their goal is to prepare and encourage you for a successful and reliable career path. Topics within English can be successful, but it is so very unreliable to be successful. This is why in my, and Mr. Davis’s opinion, creative writing is just not on their radar. The only way to bring it back s through student’s, the audience I suppose, desire for it to be there. Even then it probably would never be more than an elective. I feel like the interview overall left me somewhat woeful that I will be able to make a better argument rather than improve my current one unfortunately. Our only conclusion was that creative writing is misunderstood.


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