Free Write: Interview


The kind of person I want to interview would need to be either a high school English Teacher to further understand why they do not teach creative writing or a fiction writer. I would rather find an actual fiction writer to help me strengthen my own argument of how it should be implemented and how it can be graded. I still believe that Aaron Gwyn would be an optimal person to interview if, if, he ever responds to me. I did send him another email to interview him.  I feel like someone who both writes and teaches fiction writing would be an amazing well of knowledge since my argument is about getting in into school systems. I really need a good source of how to go about grading creative writing. In my current paper, I basically came up with the assessment solutions on my own.


1. How did you get in to fiction writing?

I think their interest will stem from their enjoyment of reading just as mine did. The reason I ask this is to get a sense of what makes people want to write stories. I can implement this into my paper after the second question.

2. Why did you start teaching fiction writing?

I think the answer to this will be because they want to help struggling enthusiasts kind their niche and delve into the fiction world rather than abandon it. This can be hard as the thought of a full 250-600 page book can seem daunting. Knowing this along with how he got into fiction writing to begin with will help me understand how to get others to embrace fiction writing as well when taught in a  class.

3. How does he/she grade creative writing?

My assumption would be based off of how the plot line develops, how the scenery is described, and the amount of depth given to characters. I desperately need a firm answer on this question to be able to have a firm argument in my paper. Creative writing cannot be implemented if it cannot be properly assessed.

4. Are the attributes of creative writing all taught in a singular class or can topics withing creative writing have their own entire semester class? ( such as character development)

My first thought to this question would be yes without a doubt. Most of my paper is about how to assess creative writing but it lacks how to teach creative writing. Knowing how the topic can be staggered in a chain of classes would make it seem like less of a waste when picking semester classes in high school. I noticed many courses that only had one level to it were often thought of as throw away classes. Examples in my school were photography or Remember the holocaust.

5. How do you go about teaching a given subject?

I think the answer to this will be from personal experience more than anything. I want to know so that I can make it sound more plausible for a school board to create course content for creative writing classes.

6. What kind of tests do you give?

My thought to this would be take-home short story essays. I feel like even the shortest of short stories would take a decent amount of time and a very rapid thought porcess to write . It’s possibly too much for a classroom setting. Maybe tests are more about creating a part of a story with no ending or such.

7. Is there any reason you can give me as to why secondary education doesn’t already have creative writing incorporated into English or as a series of electives?

I feel like they wouldn’t have an answer but hopefully they do. I need to know the downside of my argument so that I know how to counter it in my paper.


This is off topic but I thought I’d share it. I was watching The Diary of Anne Frank today on Netflix and I saw close to the end where she decided that, rather than being a movie star, she wanted to become a writer so that she could share her own stories of her life with others. This is not fictional but it still gave me another reason as to why people get into story writing in general. I thought it was really interesting when I saw it.


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  1. Nice questions. You might consider getting in touch with Dr. Susan Gardner (, Dr. Elizabeth Gargono (info:, or Dr. Christopher Davis (info: I think that one of these three professors could help. Though their focus might be a bit different than Dr. Gwyn’s, they will still have much to offer for your inquiry. You might look at some of the courses that they have taught.

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