Inquiry-Based Argumentative Paper, draft 1


Draft1 John L

I think I have a solid conclusion and good information within my body paragraphs. I got a terrible headache while writing this which normally means that I wasn’t really into it. Hopefully that doesn’t show too much though. I am aware that I still need to find more sources and I also need to find better and more relevant sources. Since this is the first draft, I did not try and make an amazing thesis statement. I just wanted one that I knew got my point across. I think my current thesis does that but it is very blunt and could be more eloquent and interesting. I feel like I could go into much more examples other than plot and character development if I need to. I felt the need to source the youtube video about character development that I posted earlier as that is where I got a chunk of my knowledge on how to go about learning it. I did not however source it. I also noticed that I did a fair amount of compare/contrast in my plot paragraph which I was not supposed to do in the assignment sheet so I guess I will revise that later on. Overall I think I am on the right track to finishing the paper and just need to tie together my argument a little more with better sources. I need to find something from the creator’s of the SAT.


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