Reading Response 3



Academic Context:

I don’t always start with an introduction, or rather; I rarely start with an introduction. I do need a thesis statement though. After that I start stringing together points and sources that build volume upon my argument including all but the last sentence of my conclusion. Then I go back and write the introduction to compliment the bulk of my paper. The final sentence of my conclusion is always the hardest part for me as I need it to be something that neatly strings together everything I said previously. One other thing I do is trying and not let myself write emotionally. I don’t like it when my paper beings to sound like a lament or rant. Academic writing is a process for me and I cannot easily write the full length of the paper in a single sitting.

Creative Context:

I like to start from the very beginning whenever I do creative writing. In fact, I normally have an intro or Prologue page. I do not take much time to contemplate what I’m writing. There is a big difference between Academic and Creative writing for me. In Academic writing you are not the ultimate source of knowledge. You have to research or learn your topic and then attempt to write about it. In creative writing, I do not need to do this. Everything that happens in the world I create is of my imagination and needs no prior learning as the paper itself cannot stretch beyond my own knowledge. It is very easy for me to write 10 pages in an hour. Afterwards I will review it and rethink paragraphs or dialogue that I feel could be better.


I always write my first, second, and nth drafts as if they were my final draft. I’ve never really been one to outline beforehand either. I usually just let my mind free flow but I keep it organized and sensible. I’ve never been in a true situation where I had to write a second draft that was drastically different from my first one.

Below you will find the first draft of the first chapter of something I decided to write.

A little background:

Aven is a character I made up when I was about 11 or 12. I use Aven all the time in my personal writing. I also frequently use Aven as account names and it is the name I have always used in any kind of online gaming I do.



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