Inquiry Blog 4: A New Blog


The CoP that I will be immersing myself with this semester is fiction writing with an emphasis on fantasy and murder mystery genres. I love reading these genres along with watching them on the big screen. My interest in reading has advanced into writing them in some of my free time. I have grown up always loving stories. I watched all the Disney movies 100 times over and began reading frequently at a young age. I even enjoy poetry sometimes, all from Edgar Allen Poe though. I can’t wait for my next book to arrive from Amazon as I do not have one to read currently.

My exploration of the CoP will be about how authors manage their character, setting, and plot development. In my own writing, I always feel that if I try and force myself to describe surroundings too much then it becomes mundane and boring. At the same time if I don’t do it enough then the story loses its footing. Character development feels like my strong suit right now as I don’t feel that I struggle too much with it. My plot development skills are ok but it always seems like…I know the story that I want to tell but I don’t know how to tell it. I hope that during my exploration I will be able to improve upon these areas of fiction writing.

I believe that my inquiry will help the thousands of other amateur writers who want to weave compelling stories from their fingertips like the major authors seem to do. There are other CoPs that can benefit from my inquiry as well. Storytelling does not simply exist in writing. It exists in filmmaking, as every good movie has a good script. It exists in music creation as well. Some of my favorite albums tell a storyline. In an abstract manner, storytelling also exists in the CoP of living. Every life is a story filled with pain, love, happiness, regret, and overcoming.

The main obstacle I see with my CoP is that it is filled with introverts. There are those who do not share their thoughts willingly with others in the CoP. I have to admit I am guilty of it myself. There is not a big discussion between them on any topic or issue. Those who do create discussion are looking for critique and advice on their work. Most discussion about the CoP comes are other CoPs entirely. In my research, this seems to be media sources and extremist groups.

Below is a video explaining introversion.


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