Inquiry Blog 3: Return of the Blog


This is a website I found where new emerging writers get interviewed about the book they have written and how they got started. You can also find reviews for these books.

This website is a giant forum for writers of all genres to get their work critiqued by others. I found it to be interesting what people can come up with.

I found this to be very true as I over use(d) first names too much when I try and write.


^^.  I thought this was a great video. I’m going to watch more of her videos as I think she has very good advice about character creation and development. She has many videos giving writing tips, including one on fantasy.


I am having a hard time thinking of a topic or issue of interest in the fiction writing community. What could that even be for my CoP? There is a hierarchy of expertise in my CoP so large that I don’t think there can be a general issue or topic of interest shared by the CoP as a whole, or even majority, or maybe even minority.


5 Responses to “Inquiry Blog 3: Return of the Blog”

  1. The video was very informative. It gave me an inside look about how writers process in creating characters. She was entertaining to watch and gave a lot of information. Are you wanting to become a fiction author or is it a hobby? could writing fiction novels just be a hobby? hmmmm. it would be a hobby that requires a lot of time and effort but i guess 🙂 good COP choice.

  2. Ummmm I mean if I ever have the time I’d like to write a full book. I always get a new idea for something better before I hit the 20 page mark. My career path as of now is Health Informatics though.

  3. I generally agree with the point of “show, don’t tell” made by The Creative Penn, but there are exceptions. Telling is not to be considered a disease of writing, but used skillfully and purposefully- case in point- The entire first chapter of Northanger Abbey.
    Also, I don’t agree with the third point the article makes- that you have to “deliver on the promise you make to the reader.” If someone is murdered at the start of the story, you don’t have to find out who did it if it is not the point of the narrative- there are (quite literally) infinite endings possible for a narrative. That is part of what I love about literature- that there aren’t any rules for what can and can’t happen.

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