Inquiry Blog 2: The Blog Strikes Back

The CoP that I have chosen to delve into was originally going to be writing, but I want to be far more specific now. The CoP that I am choosing is fiction/fantasy novel writing. I chose this CoP because I ready this genre assiduously and , from time to time, try to write it myself.

Here is a blog from someone who is a fiction writer:

This is an article with tips on fiction writing:

Finally, here is the latest book I’m reading:

My CoP breaks the rules of any other kind of writing very frequently. The reason for this is because all other genres are bound by absolute realism, mortality, and past events. Fiction writing allows the author’s mind to flow more freely and opens the door for creativity. Fiction by definition is :

  1. Prose literature, esp. short stories and novels, about imaginary events and people.
  2. Invention or fabrication as opposed to fact.

Characters are not shackled by the common woes of real life. They can be more powerful, live in lands that simply are not plausible, and complete tasks that no character in a non fiction novel could dream of. I often find myself apathetic when reading non fiction as I usually know the ending already. Knowing the ending due to it being a historical event or what have you ruins books for me. I simply cannot finish a book if I find out the ending beforehand. Fiction writing is not required to obey these rules. Another benefit of the genre is that it can twist and distort historical events in to what ever you want. An example of this would be the popular growing “steam punk” trend found in novels, devices and video games. I am not sure if this is what you were looking for as an insurrection but I like it and hope you find it adequate.


One Response to “Inquiry Blog 2: The Blog Strikes Back”

  1. Fiction/fantasy novels are the best kind to read in my opinion. I high school I even tried writing fantasy stories, but for now I stick to reading Game Of Thrones. Realistic but not afraid to bend the rules.

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