Inquiry Project

My 2 choices for an Inquiry project are writing, not in general but more to fantasy and/or murder mystery genres, and health informatics. I Have an interest in writing because I have an interest in reading. I enjoy reading those two genres and I have tried my hand at writing them, but not past 15 pages or so. I chose health informatics because it is my career path of choice at the moment. I would like to know more about how professional writers like P.D James, Hillari Bell, Jane Austen, Richard Knaak, and so on are able to put so much environmental description and it flowing. How they write with such wit and make everything feel perpetual. I also wonder how they go about their own writer’s block and how long the whole process is. For health informatics, I want to know more about how the entire work area goes. What are the different arrays of jobs that I can get with it, what all “informatics” covers, and what future advancements in the field will open up to us.

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4 Responses to “Inquiry Project”

  1. John, considering that you are interested in writing because of your experience as a reader, you might be interested in checking out reader-response theory. There is much information out there, but here is a general description: If you are interested in getting more information on this theoretical approach to lit., just let me know. I’m sure that I even have a few texts that you could borrow.

  2. I got you covered if you need any books on Jane Austen haha I love her work! It is really awesome that you like murder mystery genres. I, too, have wondered how writers can just make what they are writing flow with all the descriptions they add.

    • Thanks! Yeah I actually have a book that is a murder mystery but based in the Pride & Prejudice world with many of the characters from the book. Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever been able to completely read P&P. I ought to.

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